Saturday, April 25, 2015


not that the teosinte in the basement is out in the rain today, however it is noteworthy because so much has been going on that it took me until today to discover another seed ear at yet another leaf node further down the six ears on a three foot plant grown completely indoors...not a record for anyone but me...but this is my blog...more stuff outside as the grandfatherly grape vine ( second photo ) out back has returned for another season and is putting out buds ( third and fourth photos ) will be leafing soon enough...and then i hear the buzzing of mason bees? not yet...soon enough though...further back under the locust trees the ramps are coming along nicely so far and seem to be enjoying the gloom and the i clear out mulch in beds i will be providing them with more leaf litter to help them feel at home....fresh season is moving along...there will be more soon enough.

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