Thursday, April 2, 2015

status quo +

it has been a bit cool here on the south end of the lake...seasonably so...nothing disastrous has been raining a bit and has warmed a little too so i do believe there are a couple of turnips popping up in the community garden bed Parker! and i planted eleven days ago ( top two photos )...beyond that it is still quiet beyond the already robust phalanxes of garlic in a couple of beds ( the remaining photos ) it is a holiday weekend and after today there will be some time to devote to a bit of garden clean-up and, perhaps, a bit more planting in the experimental intercrop bed of vegetables and clover ala masanobu fukuoka...he said he faced a few years of failure before he had honed the system of "do nothing"...we are prepared for poor results as long as we learn from the mistakes...more on that in a day or two.

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