Friday, May 29, 2015

...and a bee

while i was out snapping photos of tendrils among the winter vetch i bumped into this critter patiently gathering pollen...there may be pathogens that affect bees in my yard but i guarantee there are no neonicotinoids out there...i have an organic yard ( some of my neighbors would probably say "overgrown weed lot" but i am not courting them romantically or in the realm of public opinion so they will simply have to deal...they are chemlawn people anyway ) there is a honey bee colony somewhere around here...i wish i could report some sort of solid evidence of mason bees or alfalfa leaf cutters in my yard but there is nothing concrete...i have seen nothing that resembles a mason bee yet and while i have seen what has been tentatively identified as a leaf cutter i have no way of knowing if it is one i put out...i have seen nothing in the way of bees by the bee houses yet so i will just keep looking until enough time has passed that any hope of actual bees is past...believe me, if and when the time comes i will be yelling about it.

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