Saturday, May 2, 2015

bees in the trees

daytime temperatures at the south end of the inland sea have finally reach bee hatching levels and, despite the treat of rain over the coming week the time has i hing the bee house in a locust tree using a hook, a couple of eye hooks embedded in the be house and some 1/4" nylon rope ( top photo )'s not going anywhere...i retrieved the bees from the vegetable crisper ( second and third photos )where they have languished since their arrival and took them to their new home...i removed like-sized empty reeds from the bee house ( fourth photo ) and replaced them with the tubes of bee larvae, clay plug end pointing out ( fifth photo )...they are out there now, warming to their new surroundings...i will put out the clay for their nest building in a few days and we will see if we have bees or not...i foresee a busy blog day...more bees are scheduled to arrive today and rhere is community garden work to do..the season is expanding.

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