Tuesday, May 5, 2015

openeing, closing, leafing

1.48" of rain ( 3.7592 cm )today has had some impact...that and warmer temperatures and lengthening days have added movement to the back yard...that grape bud from a few days ago is unfurling a bit quicker ( top photo )...but the blooms on the wild strawberries were all closed ( second photo )...no pollinators to attract perhaps ( no sign of mason bees yet either )...or just protecting the blooms...either way as furled as the grape leaves are unfurled...the "wild and weedy" corn ancestor ( third photo ) has developed a third leaf on several of the plants which is encouraging...the peas and beets ( fourth and fifth photos ) are looking more like peas and beets these days...and one of the extremely sprouted spuds i planted nine days ago has begun to leaf out as well...so far so good as they say...still want to see some bees...

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