Saturday, May 2, 2015

other garden news

planting day preparations aside, there is already something of a season going on and where there's a season there's news...first up...culled thirty four more rouge jerusalem artichoke this morning ( top photo ) bring int total rouges from that bed to one hundred and forty three...we are not done yet....the turnips, spinach, and beets are doing well ( second photo ) although there is still no sign of parsnips or sure what happened there..the news of the day however is that the four asparagus plants that were transplanted from the bed of my truck last season have wintered over and have embarked on a second season ( bottom four photos )...perennials! i will be caging these four to insure that no one mistakes them for wees as the will be interesting to see how many spears develop this four more years we can begin to beans!

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