Wednesday, May 20, 2015


it's a jungle out there and i have the photos to prove it...the winter vetch tendrils in the top photo have that wheat seed head in a tight grip...actually distorting its growth...they are winding around the intermediate wheat grass in the second photo as well...the third photo is of new grape vines wending their way through the elm tree at the end of the patio...ancient greeks planted their vines by olive trees and let them vine through the branches in the days before formal vineyards...i am at home with this tradition...the spuds in the fourth photo are in the clear but there is a tangle of alfalfa and winter rye going on behind them ( along with some winter vetch and intermediate wheat grass )...and you can see by the fifth photo that the rye is producing seed heads..the seeds are much smaller than wheat seeds and so there is a comparative profusion of awns...i know it's early but i am inclined to let the asparagus spear in the last photo "fern" to feed the roots and to provide a source of home grown seed now that the pgp is defunct...the back yard is alive with the new season...tomorrow is planting day in the community garden so that season will be expanding as well...there will no doubt be multiple entries for that event...stay tuned.

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