Friday, May 29, 2015


the grape vine growing up through the elm tree at the end of the patio ( top photo ) is pretty well is anchored by a tendril at the bottom ( second photo ) and at the top ( third photo ) all vining plants it expends considerable energy in tendrils to hold it in lace as it moves towards the sun...there are quite a few tendrils in the back yard...the winter vetch in the next two photos will latch on to anything ( including other vetch plants ) to support itself and with all those blossoms the stems are surprisingly heavy...if you look closely at the foliage in those photos you can see where the weight has bent those grass plants over double and in the fourth photo the grass stem is almost broken..relentless pursuit of light...the flowering pea plant in the bottom photo has plenty of tendrils as well but, so far, has refused to latch on to the posts i put in the container to act as a trellis...adding some twine would seem to be the thing to do...tomorrow probably.

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