Saturday, June 6, 2015

a stroll down the beds III

since this is the one bed in the garden i am claiming for all sorts of experimental goings on it has as odd a mix of plants as anyplace else i have my hand in...there is a solid stand of jerusalem artichokes along the north side which are there for a number of reasons...they too are a true perennial...they can be plant/replant but if you leave them be they will come back every year with a vengeance...i try to grow at least some native plants and these relentless colonizers are right at home here just to serve as a sort of barometer for climate change...seeing if there's any impact...i almost always find lamb's quarters growing along with these and that is a native annual that i will let stay if it turns up for much the same it is edible...both mashua tuber i planted have sprouted...nasturtiums ( you can tell by the leaves ) and an andean tuber they fit in with my penchant for roots...and speaking of roots that potato plant ( fourth photo ) is looking is one of the set i planted on april seventeenth and it is doing can see in the last two photos that it is also getting closer to blooming...i am hoping for another round fo potato fruits this season...we'll see.

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