Thursday, June 4, 2015

...and stuff from some others

the pepper plant in the top photo is blooming and, if i am not seeing things, it is also producing as the nascent pepper in the second photo shows...there are some robust looking spuds hanging the one in the third photo and it would seem to be on the verge of blooming which will add a bit of color to the bed and, if there is some luck involved, produce some potato fruits...i would enjoy putting some more true potato seed in my freezer...a second mashua plant is up ( fifth photo ) surrounded by the stubs of jerusalem artichoke stems i have ripped off as far as the stubborn little things would let will be a season of patient vigilance...the bottom photo is panoramic shot of the garden with what looks like something of a mowing chore for me...saturday will be here soon enough and that clover will be cut...but not eliminated...that saga is far from over.

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