Sunday, June 7, 2015

fallowed nexus...

...for now, at, broken scissors took me out to the big box home improvement store for less cheap unbroken ones and so past the filed behind the's due to be a bean field this season if it's going to be anything at all...and it's still early june...plenty of time to get soy beans in...but the last time this field was a bean field it was a no-till filed and that may not be possible to repeat given the amount of plant life that has taken hold there this spring...i am not a "weed" guy so identification isn't going to be exact and my definition of what's a weed is in serious flux anyway but looking up close and at a wider panorama of the field it looks like it is being colonized by plants that are not considered crops...i did find an edible plant or two out there ( it was raining fairly briskly so i did not conduct a detailed survey ) they are lamb's quarters..a native annual that most farmers consider a weed but which can be used any way spinach can be with comparative nutritional impact...i will no doubt be traveling past this field again...i have another bed to build in the community garden and one of these stores is my main squeeze for supplies form start to finish for those...if a crop goes in we will know it.

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