Thursday, June 18, 2015

fellow gardener, flowers, sprouts, vines, and a vista

when i pulled into the garden after work this evening i found harold ( top photo ) there mopping up some planting in the biology club bed...always a treat to see harold and we chatted about the garden and sundry subjects as he planted and we shared watering chores...ellen has been out planting as well so the beds are filling and i am in possession of more seed to plant as the crops are harvested ( i did notice some garlic has been taken and that portion of that bed will be home to some brussels sprouts and i have been chucking onions in everywhere )...the beans in the second and third photos are coming along just fine and we should be seeing blossoms on those soon...there are still new flowers emerging from the tops of the early blue potatoes ( fourth photo ) i planted in april...i put onions in that bed at harold's suggestion to try to deter whatever is eating them in hopes of potato fruits...we'll see...the asparagus in the fifth photo is looking robust, feeding its roots, and sending up new spears...fine shape...the gardens first green pepper in the sixth photo is growing best guess is it will attract someone's attention soon...finally an overall vista of the burgeoning plant life in the garden..we are good...stop by sometime.

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