Tuesday, June 9, 2015

garden 1. storm 0

the hailstorm that battered my back yard yesterday seems to have wholly missed the community garden...i was full of dire visions as i drove to campus after work today but my fears were misplaced as the top photo shows...the garden is good and the season is moving forward...we have a pepper up and running ( second photo..as if you didn't know what a green pepper looked like )and the mashua in the third photo is dwarfed by an early blue potato plant...that early blue has begun to bloom ( fourth photo ) and i can hope for potato fruit in two successive seasons without feeling selfish...the fifth photo shows that the garden is home to many healthy spuds...if the weather stays wet and cool it will be another bumper crop...the asparagus spear in the sixth photo is nearing a foot in height and it will soon be "ferning" to feed the roots...if this prospers cool autumn weather will see yet more spears..the garlic is looking just fine ( seventh photo ) and will be done soon if you like to cook with garlic...finally i found two more jerusalem artichokes that had escaped from the bed and snapped off a photo before i snapped them off...we're golden so far...here's hoping our good fortune with the weather holds...more as it comes up.

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