Sunday, June 14, 2015

legumes, megachile, grasses

last monday's hail storm kicked the crap out of my alfalfa ( and my roof...the alfalfa is in the top photo ) but it has carried on and is beginning to bloom ( second and third photo )...not so the leaf cutter bees i put out three weeks can clearly see an unhatched cocoon in the fourth photo...i am not sanguine about this...the vendor did say it could take up to four weeks for the bees to hatch so the window hasn't closed yet but after the mason bee debacle i have to wonder...the hail didn't do the stand of winter vetch any good either ( fifth photo ) but it is still flowering away and there will be pods eventually ( sixth photo )...the teosinte in the seventh photo has some split leaves to show for its also has robust new its descendant maize, the teosinte is a sturdy plant and can take a few hits...finally the winter rye in the last photo has joined the spring wheat in beginning to ripen...cover crops...more threshing and winnowing rest for th ewicked.

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