Tuesday, June 23, 2015

planters' progress

lots of hands help to plant the garden ( and thanks to Parker for the maintenance help! she was out of town on planting day but she continues her commitment ) and the work they did is paying off...the beans in the top two photos are nearly as relentless as the jerusalem artichokes as the continue to fill in the trellises...the cucumbers in the third photos speak of vines and a trellis in the near future..work in the garden continues the peas that harold planted last week are emerging in the fourth photo and ellen's radishes are plainly visible in the eighth...my remaining mashua plant ( fifth photo )is still chugging along in the shadow of a much larger solanum plant...the kale in the sixth photo is robust to say the very least while the collards in the seventh are coming along just fine...we are all good and the season is well underway...stop out when you have a minute.

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