Thursday, June 18, 2015

potatoes from seed

it's been rather a long day and i was about to pack it in when i had to run down to the basement...while i was down there i decided to look in on the potatoes from seed project i started on jaunary second ( 167 days ago ),,,the vines had been dying back for a few days and this evening they looked fairly well done ( top photo ) so i began popping root balls out of the peat pots and the results are in the rest of the photos...thirteen small tubers ranging in size from about three quarters of an inch in diameter to somewhere around and eighth of an inch...i will be planting these...even though i am not sure how viable the smallest see what comes up...i planted some seed this past weekend to try to grow outdoor plants from seed..if they germinate these two projects seem to be made to meld together...more as it arises.

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