Wednesday, June 10, 2015


plants are pretty resilient critters and the ones in my back yard are already showing signs of recovery from tuesday's hailstorm...the yacon in the top two photos has doubtlessly seen better dyas...beat up for sure, but the tops weren't damaged and neither were the new growth continues on the tops...the potato in the third photo is just about the worst of the bunch ( and almost none came through unscathed )...lots of broken stems and withered leaves...but there is new leaf growth ( fourth photo ) on the lower stem ( which has obviously had some insect attention ) and it will carry on...i can't help but wonder how much the energy it is going to put into new leaf growth is going to impact tuber production though...the plant only has a finite amount of energy and time to work with...something will have to do with less...tomato plants weren't immune...the top of the plant in the fifth photo has had a top branch broken off but underneath, among the wilted green of the dying leaves there are still blooms...production will go forward ( and here's hoping it's warm enough this season for them to ripen on the vine )...the peas in the seventh photo have been beaten down..not broken though...and they are still producing pods...i'd post a photo of the jerusalem artichokes but they have already laughed the whole thing off and are back to their colonizing, expansionist ways...there's doubtlessly more weather on the way ( i can heat thunder right now )...rain is welcome... i could do without hail though.

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