Tuesday, June 9, 2015

trellis time

in the nineteen days since planting day the beans have come along well...all of them have deployed true leaves and several have begun to vine, like the two in this bed ( top two photos )...so the bean wall begins...i had some large tomato stakes in the truck so i placed four along the edge of the bed ( third photo )...a line of jute twine across the bottom a few inches lower than the longest vines ( fourth photo ) and then i trained the vines onto the jute ( bottom two photos )...as the rest of the plants in the row catch up they will be placed on the twine facing different directions and will doubtlessly find their way up the stakes...successively higher rows of twine and some helpful directing will create a solid wall of beans before much longer...then harvest...there will be plenty of beans...have you favorite green bean recipes handy.

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