Monday, June 1, 2015

tubers and an ancestor

why would i take a tramp through the back yard and not have a look at the "wild and weedy" maize ancestor teosinte? well..i wouldn't..still geeked by it..the containerized spuds in the second photo began in my basement in march and will be done in july sometime..already "hilled" once they will be again soon...more tubers in the yacon ( third photo ) and mashua ( bottom )...a distant sunflower cousin and a nasturtium...both tuber producers and who doesn't love a tuber...i am told the nasturtium flowers grown in gardens ( there are some of those out there too...there will be morphology comparisons )has a "peppery" taste which is what the tubers are said to real coincidence there...both native to the andes..both cultivated by the inca...anthropology in my back yard...thanks mik and kathy!

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