Tuesday, July 21, 2015

,,,and a back yard jaunt.

i was outside padding around in the dark with a flashlight this morning and when i got home form the community garden i went out back to see if i had actually seen what i thought i had...but first i had to have the obligatory look at the teosinte...which looks just fine...that done i stopped to ponder just how crowded the south side of the house has become with plants in the ground and crammed together in containers..need a bigger yard or more containers...i am reasonably sure which it will be...but on to the end of this morning's story...in the glow of an led flashlight i thought i saw summer movement in the ramps but wanted a daylight look to be sure...it would seem that my strategy of planting them in a bed that has been collecting leaf litter ( and so, eventually, leaf humus ) from a couple of locust trees has food the wild leeks into thinking they are indeed in the woods somewhere because now that the leaves have died back at least one is sending up a flower on the traditional single stalk...if all goes well that means seeds and if they are viable that means more ramps next year that can be separated and spread to another bed waiting out there and...in a couple of years...beds of ramps to harvest...sometimes a garden requires a longer view.

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