Friday, July 3, 2015

around the iuncg 7-3-2015

wandering around some of the rest of the garden you can see that ellen's radishes in the top photo are coming long as are harold's peas in the second...there are jerusalem artichokes in far more places in the garden than i had ever intended...the bed in the third photo is their proper place but they have escaped from that and the colony that was inadvertently transplanted from the old garden tot he corner box is proving stubborn...not out of control, but defiant...the kale that i found so lush and verdant four days ago in the fourth photo shows signs of harvesting today in the fifth...that's exactly why we grew it and i hope it's just can have my share...not a fan..haven't put up a shot of the arborvitae in a is looking hale, hearty, and well established after a first season of intensive watering...the bottom photo is the iuncg about eight this morning...we have a season gooing on.

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