Saturday, July 11, 2015

asparagus, broccol, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and turnips

planting day crops are coming to fruition and the fall crops are popping up...the asparagus plant in the top photo has put out another spear...a good sign that the soil is good ( remember this is a bed that had green manures only...there were no soil amendments added ) as well as the drainage in that, if all goes well, a true perennial in the garden...right next door the broccoli is coming in ( third photo ) another pot of soup? in the next bed over the brussels sprouts have germinated (fourth photo 0 and the fifth photo is the cauliflower one row over..the kale in the sixth photo is producing again after it was harvested...that space in the bed that is becoming grown over was where the garlic's a bit late to plant any more in the way of crops so i believe i will be establishing some alfalfa to set nitrogen and mix in some rye later...the seventh photo is of a row of turnips that is where the other garlic patch was....they will be done in september...finally a bee on a potato blossom...there will be more bees directlty.

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