Wednesday, July 15, 2015

cucumbers with neem oil on the side

parker! told me they were there ( and i believed her ) and while i was scanning some moderate leaf damage ( top two photos )...yikes!! there was one...just like at home, they are invading the beans...and, just like home, i found none elsewhere in the garden...bad news for the beans...good news elsewhere...i brought along the neem oil, water, and the sprayer so i doused all the beans in the bio-pesticide/fungicide to try to get on top of this before it gets out of hand...the cucumber vines are right next door to one of the impacted bean trellises so i sprayed them just to be safe...they have much tougher leaves and may be safe but i am being cautious...the plants continue to bloom and they have clearly begun to produce...there will be cucumbers for salad soon enough.

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