Thursday, July 23, 2015

high summer

you can tell it's high summer when the jerusalem artichokes bloom...the pathfinder bloom is out and there will multitude sof others soon enough...some sources maintain you should do the flowers in as buds to keep the plants focused on tuber production...i find this to be an entirely feeble mechanism for controlling the relentless producers...we will enjoy the blooms...cukes...we got cukes and the broccoli is now in full flower so there will be seed ( third photo ) the potato fruits continue to emerge ( fourth photo ) and my best estimation is there will be no shortage of seed there either...the garden foliage of summer is robust and we have a serious season going on...but are letting the pole beans get entirely out of hand...seriously the huge pods in the bottom photo are completely inedible...woody as could ...i foresee yet more seed..but please...pick the beans!

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