Monday, July 6, 2015

not a viticulturist... anyone familiar with last year's grape travesty will be well aware..irregardless, there are grapes in the trees ( vines have spread from the elm tree into the fir tree at the back of the patio as well...lots of trees in the jungle...carbon offsets ) and rainy here in hoosierland...the teosinte in the third ( taken july 1 )and fourth photos has grown quite a bit in the last five days...just like maize it thrives in hot and moist weather...there is an ollala potato that has joined the spud bloomfest out there while the mashua in the sixth and the yacon in the seventh photos carry on the parade of tubers...the bottom photo is proof that i am not completely biased against either cereals or plants that reproduce above ground...the spring wheat is about ready to harvest...threshing and winnowing anyone?

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