Saturday, July 18, 2015

potato fruits

there has been a direct relationship between my back yard ( and basement ) and the community garden for the past couple of years...i try out some different varieties of plants out back to see if they might find a place in the community garden ( the pgp served that purpose as well during its existence ) and every potato plant in the community garden originated from tubers grown under the lights in my basement last there is usually a bit of overlap of species between the two and this season is no exception...i was pleased to find multiple potato plants out in the community garden producing potato fruits this is not something that happens every varies with weather and potato variety...many of the plants in the community garden are a fourth generation of early blue spud that originated as germplasm form the potato introduction station a few years back and have been reproduced yearly from a portion of the harvest saved for was early blues that produced th efruits last season as well...they are indeterminate...they flower all season...and so have more opportunity to produce fruit and they are doing so in the community garden and in my back yard..the top four photos are early blues in the community garden and the fifth is of some in my yard...the fourth photo is something i am really geeked about...the primitive cultivar huaycu wich was flowering the other day is producing two fruits...i will be babying those along if possible and seeing what comes of them...the bottom photo is of some fruits that were big enough to bring in and put in paper bags to ripen and then garner the matter what i am in possession of 2015 potato seed...that is simply cool.

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