Monday, July 20, 2015

questions...always questions

sometimes i wonder what's up out in the back yard ( i have to wonder because i'm not sure yet )...let's review a minute...i soaked some teosinte seeds in a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide for twenty minute on the twelfth of april and wrapped them in a damp paper towel in a baggie to germinate...i found them ready to go on the eighteenth so let's split the difference and say they germinated on the fifteenth of april...i planted them on the eighteenth and the survivors are still chugging away out there...but...four days ago i found one of the plants flowering...fair enough...that's what they do...but it's too early...they are supposed to flower around one hundred and fifty five days after germination...this one started flowering after ninety-six...what's up? presumably genetic diversity...they aren't supposed to sprout ears and set seed until the daylength shortens which always makes their season here a race between viable, mature seed and frost...this one has jumped the gun and it will be interesting to see what happens...i've never seen markings like the ones in the fourth photo on a teosinte plant...that this is tesointe is beyond doubt...look at those zea support roots in the fifth...devil an unrelated subject the last two photos are a helianthus morphology lesson...nascent sunflower in the sixth photo and a nascent jerusalem artichoke bloom in the seventh...different but akin...take a look.

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