Thursday, July 23, 2015

spuds coming in

three potato plants i put in my bed at the community garden last spring ( late march/early april ) came in today and the results are good...the early blue in the first photo was a stunner...over three pounds of tubers from a single plant...including some larger tubers...the all red in the third photo came in at over a pound...and the german butterball in the fourth had a yield just over twelve ounces...altogether four pounds thirteen and a half ounces of spuds from three plants...this bed had no amendments added beyond the green manures i planted in it last autumn and turned under this spring make me hopeful that we can build sustainable beds with simply a rotation of may not close the nutrient cycle but it will be an all natural amendment from locally obtained ( my back yard ) seed... an exclusion of chemical fertilizers and a step away from imported compost...local organic...what my aim is here.

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