Thursday, July 30, 2015

two days in july

the garden changes day to day...however, sometimes it's subtle and you have to look around a bit to spot the differences...from the distance of the top two photos nothing much seems to have changed...status quo...there's nothing static out there though...the cucumber in the third photo has changed into the one in the fourth...straightened out some...put on some much so that it is hanging down the vine farther so the blooms visible in the third photo above the cuke have disappeared out of the frame of the shot in the fourth...sensitized as i am to jerusalem artichokes i see more blooms today than there were on tuesday while the cucumber in the seventh photo was hardly noticeable two days ago..finally the garden seems to be home to a variety of tomato that vanishes as soon as it ripens...there are always new fruits appearing on the vines but i can never seem to find a ripe one..puzzling.

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