Saturday, August 8, 2015

a diverse lot

the top four photos are of some pretty standard looking potato plants that have been in the container about a month and a half...easily recognizable as spuds to anyone familiar with the plant's physical traits...they are special to me because they are what came up from the tubers in the fifth photo...those tubers came from the viney looking plants in the sixth photo which were grown from the potato seeds in the seventh...we'll get to the last photo in a minute the whole thing is a matter of morphology...they are all potato plants...all solanum tuberosum...but they have very different traits when grown from seed as opposed to being propagated from tubers...the seed generated plants are all very vine-like...trailing along the ground ( not that potato plants grown from tubers won't lay over when they get past a certain height...from too much shade for instance...but they don't start out trailing along the ground...they start out upright ) and the tuber propagated stand upright like the plants we know and love...the thought occurred to me that the vining might be from the artificial light they grew under in the basement over the i started some seeds again a few weeks ago and put them outside to see if natural light would make a difference...the last photo is of one of those plants trailing across the soil in the conclusion is different starts = different traits...same plant or not.

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