Sunday, August 23, 2015

a sort of success

recent rains have enhanced the energy of the biomass in the berm of the corn field by the supermarket...the path i have beaten through it is still visible but even when you get to the edge of the crop it is difficult to tell it's there...on the plus side the poke weed in the third photo is very robust...i found the two closely spaced plants readily and, in the intervening week, the bulge on the second plant has evolved into an official ear of dense yellow #2 and the industrial food feed stock is so increased...but not by all that much...have a look at the sixth photo and you can easily see that, compared to the "normally" spaced neighbor s, the ears on the misspaced plants are considerably smaller...i keep coming back to the idea that the planter malfunctioned and those two are not engineered enough to produce well that close is pretty much impossible to go between the rows from this entry point without damaging the crop so i just stuck the camera into the next row over and took some photos in each direction...hard to tell what is corn and what isn't in those last two photos...certainly those are not the usual thirty inch industrial rows of bare ground sterilized by anhydrous ammonia, pesticides, and herbicides...i would like to see this field as it is harvested...i am wondering what the combine is going to do with all those extra best bet is they are designed for the above mentioned thirty inch sterile ( and erosive ) rows...i can see clogging issues and deep frustration...i wonder if the profit margin on this stuff has improved to the point it's worthwhile

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