Sunday, August 2, 2015

august teosinte news

the larger of the teosinte plants out back flowered some time ago ( top photo ) and has some well established branches these days ( second and third photos ) of its smaller sisters ( fourth photo ) had joined in the reproductive cycle ( fifth photo ) and is flowering away as i too has sat least one nascent branch ( sixth photo )...unfortunately in all this activity i have yet to see a single silk that tells me ears are on the way...that is an activity that is supposed to happen when the days shorten towards autumn...well autumn is a ways off but the days are shortening and the climate aint what it used to be...cycle disrupted? or accelerated? hang on and we will see...while i was out there daisy the feral garden cat...apparently on a break from killing something...wandered by...reeled off a shot just for the cat fanciers.

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