Tuesday, August 11, 2015

bee surprised

i can't find any more leaf cutter bees in my yard settling down on a plant stem for the night...they are not tremendously long lived and i imagine their season is done...so i went to look in the leaf cutter bee house to see if i could find any cocoons...what i found was an infestation of earwigs ( find me someone who actually likes those things ) so my presumption is that , unless they laid eggs somewhere else, they did not reproduce...i wandered over to the old mason bee house to see if there were earwigs in there too and what did i find? plugged reeds! reeds plugged with clay just like a mason bee would...so..mine did not hatch...they were destroyed...so? mason bees are native to northwest indiana and my presumption is that native bees found the bee house utilitarian and homey and so used it...i have eight plugged reeds i have brought in and i am beginning research to find exactly haw to handle these reeds until spring...there will be more on this no doubt...stay tuned bee aficionados

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