Saturday, August 29, 2015


the pioneer plants continue to colonize the bush hogged field behind the big box stores....there is a lot of thistle going on out there and there is some in the berm that was unmowed and is moving towards going to seed ( second photo )...the appearance of the fecund and ubiquitous dandelion is yet another sign that once a file is disrupted the succession of plant communities begins again...dna is relentless...on the other end of the field the heavy equipment has changed...a second wave of colonizers there as well...from the looks of things the installation of the underground apparatuses is complete and my best guess is that some sort of pavement is due soon enough...that's a manhole cover perched on top of that concrete is this a parking lot in utero? or some sort of industrial drainage system...and for what? we will be finding out soon enough.

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