Sunday, August 9, 2015

corn kenesis

one suburban corn field may be gone but there is still the one by the supermarket can see in the top photo that i had to force my way through the biomass to get to the corn this morning...all manner of plant life in the berm...and down the rows for that matter...including the poke weed i recognize in the second photo...despite all that i made it to the corn and found the two closely spaced can see that they have flowered in the past week ( the two on the right of the fourth photo )...their neighbors on either side have begun to produce ears of dense yellow #2, as have most of the other plants i could see...the two runts however are, as usual, lagging behind...the one on the left of the pair shows no signs of producing yet and the one on the right has a bulge in the stem that usually indicates the formation of an ear...but there is a split in the bulge so who knows? i don't and probably won't for a bit yet...stay tuned...monsanto's genetic tinkering may have found a limit.

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