Wednesday, August 19, 2015

could be dog days...

...or it could just be active harvesting that's making the season look like it is in summer hiatus...the cauliflower is doing just fine but if you have a look at the periphery of the top photo you may notice that something ( or someone ) has been browsing the "greens" on the brussels sprouts next has been grazed almost to extinction...there are a multitude of peppers ( banana, bell and jalepeno respectively in photos two three and four )...but all nascent...not a mature peeper in sight..lots of green tomatoes around as well but even those are seeming to be headed fro frying pans around the thoughts are if you want ripe produce be prepared to visit early and often...even the cucumber in the last photo was in the process of being harvested when i asked to take the photo first...good the garden is thriving and producing...unfortunate the garden community is having limited is my buddy parker's! birthday and she spent part of it helping to weed in the garden...i did not complicate her natal day by asking to take portraiture, but if you look aroundd the blog you'll find her smiling visage...happy birthday parker! thanks for all your help.

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