Saturday, August 22, 2015

getting on in august

went out to the garden to do some watering and weeding...maintenance stuff..and to have a look around at what's going has been ninety-three days since planting day and some of the plants are slowing down, like the beans, and showing signs of autumn foliage...the cucumber plants are doing the same but the first two photos show there are still blooms on the vines so i gave them a healthy dose of water to work with...the pepper plants are still producing as well...jalepeno, bell, and banana peppers all coming along...still blooming...still producing...most likey until a hard frost...the cauliflower i planted for autumn harvest ( sixth photo ) hasn't bolted in the heat and the brussels sprouts ( in the photo with the leek ) the next row over are doing okay as well...something ( one? ) is browsing them inclination would be to blame rabbits but that is pretty much supposition...hopefully they will persevere and we will have some produce...nature may have other ideas...the cantaloupes were planted on planting day and the ninety-three days since then puts them on schedule as they start to produce...three to four weeks should see ripe melons...if nature doesn't have other ideas about those as well...the last photo is of a number of beds out there...production is still going on and from the looks of things the native tubers down in the jerusalem artichoke bed should bring in a bumper crop of irregularly shaped tubers...there will be more on them and the spuds as they come in...we have reached near the end of august...the season goes on.

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