Saturday, August 15, 2015

hand dig?

the heavy machinery has moved into the building site on what was once a farm field...doubtlessly not the first heavy machine to grace the field but it makes me wonder just how seriously frontier communications' admonition is going to be taken...what sort, i wonder, of commercial property are we seeing being born here...hard to know when the only signs i see ( along with that painted line on the pavement ) tell me that access to the big box stores from sterling creek road will be limited sometime in the near future as those concrete behemoths go in the ground...if you gaze directly south from the building site you see an unbroken vista of farm fields, trees, and well as the occasional microwave tower that makes your cellphone go..that anthropogenic landscape is for sale too...the nexus is always in flux and its advance or retreat is tied to the economy...perhaps...maybe this is all speculation

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