Monday, August 31, 2015

i told you they were relentless

so i was tramping around the yard when i ran across this jerusalem artichoke bloom...nothing odd in that in my yard...except i had no real memory of planting any is basically a sand pile covered with landscaping fabric used as a base for containers and thoroughly unsuited to sustaining any plants in and of isn't a huge plant as sunchokes go...only about three feet tall...i traced the stems down and discovered that they were growing out of a cardboard box ( a container, no? ) that seem to have a bit of potting soil/compost in it...i must have had the tubers in the box and some soil ended up on top of them when i filled the containers for spuds, tomatoes, and the like...relentless tubers...dna has universal will to be...i am all curiosity about what sort of tubers i will be harvesting from this box...more later.

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