Sunday, August 2, 2015

industry marches on...

...but seemingly with limits...the berm of the cornfield next to the supermarket has quite a bit of biomass ( you can insert the word "weeds" here mentally if you like...i will not since, as i have pointed out, my definition of "weed" is in serious flux right now ) growing in it and it is growing right up to the edge of the reference points made it easy to find the two closely placed corn plants again and, difficult as it may be to see in the fourth photo they are still significantly shorter than their neighbors...another thing i noticed while the mosquitoes worked on their reproductive cycle was that while the majority of the plants had begun to flower ( fifth and sixth the teosinte in my back yard...there's another post for teosinte news ) the ones in the row right next to the berm have not ( which might be difficult to pick out in the seventh photo but it is still the case ) and i have to wonder if it is because the biomass in the berm is offering a lot of competition for resources...planted far too closely together and strapped for nutrients those small corn plants may struggle to be productive...more as the season progresses and i run to the supermarket.

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