Thursday, August 27, 2015

odds and ends

the potato vine in the top photo is one i started from seed a few months ago and it is doing has produced two more "shoots", one form the base of the plant and one that is clearly from a rhizome ( second photo )...the plants i started in the basement under the lights last winter exhibited the same sorts of behavior but not in quite so robust a fashion ( third and fourth photos )...the season for these plants is a longish one so i am inclined to think these will be finishing up in the basement...the ramp seeds in the fifth photo are darkening and will turn black as they mature...only one went to seed but i have more "bulbs" on the way...i will have beds of wild leeks in my yard yet...the weather has turned cool here with hints of autumn and the grapes in the catalpa tree are ripening...jam and jelly on the horizon..finally the obligatory teosinte photo is here to remind me that there are nos signs of ears out there is still early...i am still impatient...gardening will see to that.

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