Sunday, August 30, 2015

poke weed and some other crop

if you squint you just might be able to make out some corn flowers behind the tops of the biomass in the berm...there really is a cornfield back there and the path i blazed to it still is evident...that path takes me by the crop that has organically established itself along side the domesticated grass...the poke weed berries in the third photo are beginning to ripen and they can render a durable vegetable dye...the poke weed on the whole is robust and since it is edible and can be a commercial product it isn't really a "weed" per simply isn't readily recognized as food in mid-western was a simple matter to locate the two closely spaced corn plants and they both still have ears ( sixth photo ) although the runt of the bunch on the left is't looking overly productive ( unlike the poke weed )...and if you compare them both to a neighbor ( seventh photo ) neither is an especial example of the industrial breed...the last photo is one of several i took down the middle of the row ( you can see the beige colored cornstalks on the right...the rest is biomass ) they are absolutely choked with plants that would not be there in a rural industrial field that had been sprayed to sterility with round-up or liberty wonders how much herbicide technology sprang from the war in viet closely related to agent orange are round-up or liberty? ah...research.

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