Monday, August 3, 2015

post storm...

a heavy thunderstorm moved through here a bit past midnight and ...among other things...dumped 1.14" of rain in my back also knocked out the power at work so we were sprung free, and since i was in town anyway i thought i run over to the garden to see how we fared...some of the spuds were a bit beaten down...but they are viney and tend to lay down after they reach a certain size anyway...some of the asparagus ferns were a bit weighed down with water...but they tend to lay over as well...the jerusalem artichokes in the third photo sneer at weather as much as anything else that tries to get in their way...they are bloomin' fine...the cauliflower and brussels sprouts ( fourth and fifth photos respectively ) are doing well and resemble each other strongly...since they are both brassica oleracea that shouldn't be a surprise...close cousins often bear a striking resemblance...has that cucumber changed any in two days? you tell me...finally the garden is good this morning...hoping you are too.

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