Friday, August 14, 2015

rendered seeds

yesterday evening just before bed time ( this was an act of spontaneity...there is no such thing as too late in those ) i began rummaging around in the paper bags i have been storing unripe potato fruits in since last month waiting for them to soften so i could remove the luck would have it if ound half a dozen in a state that could only be called ready ( top photo ) i stayed up a bit longer and took each the one in the second photo...and cut them open...when ripe on the vine they resemble knobby cherry tomatoes only they are green...and the inside of the fruits is also similar...tomatoes and potatoes are cousins so that isn't much of a surprise...neither is the fact that the seeds somewhat resemble tomato seeds...only much smaller...those six fruits rendered about five hundred seeds which i rinsed in water to remove the mucilage and then strained into paper towel to dry...some of these are off to a friend out west...the rest will dry for a few days and then go into the freezer for storage...i have fifty more fruits i have brought in to ripen and about twenty netted and ripening on vines...if this average holds i will have thousands of seeds in a few weeks...i will be beyond the local potato seed baron..i will be the vicount.

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