Wednesday, August 5, 2015

shades of autumn

we are still a couple of days away from summer's mid-point ( forty-seven days in would be august seventh ) but as i crunched around the dry garden grass watering the beds after work this evening i noticed some creeping signs of autumn in the foliage...the cucumbers in the first photo gave me the first hint and a closer look at the relentless jerusalem artichokes ( still in full bloom second photo...changing into different, paler colors in the third ) reinforced it...the beans ( fourth photo )cinched it and the fact that the broccoli is done flowering and will now be producing seed pods is still another is a natural progression and we need the seasons to flow...besides...we aren't done yet there are still cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes popping out and they will be until the frost hits...there are cauliflower and brussels sprouts coming on as well...still time to utilize the garden.

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