Sunday, August 16, 2015

sunday morning garden run

it rained well yesterday evening so this was pretty much just a check up run out to the community garden this morning just to have a look around..and i found we still have a season going on...the asparagus spear in the top photo is beginning to branch out and, soon enough, will have new growth "ferns" like the ones in the second photo...the cucumber have not given up yet...slowing...but not done while the peppers are still blooming and producing a variety of produce...the cauliflower and brussels sprouts in the seventh photo are on schedule for late september/early october and are looking robust and they don't seem to have bolted in the heat...difficult as it may be to see there is a honey bee on the center potato flower in the eighth photo and as long as the early blue potatoes keep blooming like the one in the ninth photo ( and they will ) there will be potato fruits to ripen and porocess...still stuff going on...still time to visit the garden...always time to express an interest in joining's a little late for that this year but a new season starts in march...time to start planning.

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