Saturday, August 8, 2015

the nexus advances a step

so much for tracking the development of volunteer corn...the field full of pioneer plants i was exploring last monday ( top photo ) has been rendered comparatively barren in the last four days or so...i was somewhat is certainly far too late for a standard monoculture crop and a touch early for winter wheat ( though not much ) which was the only possible planting i could think of...there are still corn cob around ( fourth photo as if i need to tell you that ) and there are still a few stubborn plants standing...but as i drove around the other end of the field stubborn plants weren't all i found standing...grades stakes with specific notations have cropped up along with little lags for buried cables and other underground infrastructure...add in the concrete drainage fittings and sumps and there is a fair indication that the suburban sprawl and subsumed yet another agricultural field and the nexus had moved a bit more south...i am a bit saddened by this...the corn filed across sterling creek road has a "for sale" sign up on it now too...i am becoming something of an afficionado of suburban agriculture and its constraints...this lessens my readily observable suburban agricultural space and sends me farther afield to find information and check conditions...the field behind the big box stores is no was bound to happen...mindless "growth" won't have it any other's to the eventual collapse and simplification...plant spuds as a subversive act.

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