Saturday, August 1, 2015

two more days

status quo is a fiction in a chaotic universe...positive feedback loops always break down and everything changes...tell me that cuc8umber in the first two photos hasn't gotten bigger since thursday...or that the one in the third and fourth one hasn't put on weight and bee joined by a nascent companion ( the difference in light between the two photos is the third was taken in the afternoon and the fourth this morning and that cuke is on the west side of the bed )...there are cucumbers all over the bed including the one cohabiting with the cilantro in the fifth photo ...more jerusalem artichoke blooms and the plants are nearing ten feet in height...they're happy...we have more peppers coming along ( seventh photo ) and the fall cauliflower in the bottom photo is taking root...that's good news for chaos...good news for autumn.

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