Tuesday, September 29, 2015

a bit broader backyard perspective

there is more than teosinte out back..the top photo is of a squash bloom on a plant that is desperately optimistic...dna is tenacious stuff...the next three are of various fall green manures...from the yellow peas in the first to the alfalfa, yellow peas, winter rye, and winter vetch in the second...tot he clover, winter rye, and winter vetch...the legumes and the rye reservoir are taking hold on the south side of the house...nitrogen going into the ground and going up into the rye...soil enrichment and compost grown on site...turned under three weeks before spring planting they will feed next year's crops...and some of next year's crops are up and running already...the fifth photo is one of thirty-six garlic plants up so far and the sixth is several of them...no sense in wasting time and sunlight.

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