Wednesday, September 2, 2015

bigger size...

doesn't, of necessity, translate into more seeds...marooned at home for a few hours with pupils that haven't been this dilated since the seventies after a visit to the opthamologist i decided to look through the potato fruits and see if any were ready to process...some of the larger ones had finally softened so i set out for the kitchen to harvest seeds...i cut open one of the larger ones first curious to see how many seeds it would contain...what i found was a lot of support structure in there and not that large an amount of i scraped the seeds out into a container ( third photo ) there's more than a hundred seeds in there ( you can count them if you like )when i cut open one of the smaller ones i found a correspondingly smaller amount of support structure but not hat much less in the way of mucilage...or seeds as it turns out ( fifth can couint those too if it's a boring day )...just about even in that respect...i have many more potato fruits of all sorts of sizes that are not ready to process yet as well as more ripening "on the vine' here and at the community garden so there will be more opportunity to see if the "size doesn't matter" rule holds true...the last photo is today's haul of potato seed destined for the freezer..more results as i slice things open...and as a side note, solanine usually will make my hands itch as i process these fruits...unless there happens to be any sort of small ( or large, i suppose ) nicks or cuts on my hands...then it just burns.

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